Patrol Roster 2023/24

Patrol Roster 2023_24

Patrol Roster 2023_24 – Team 2023_24

Ocean Beach SLSC Patrol Operations Manual_V2

It is your responsibility to ensure you are proficient for patrol. If you did not do a proficiency before December 31st 2022 then you need to do one before you can patrol in 2023. If you want to patrol or compete in 2024

then you must have done your proficiency before 31st December 2023.

On Patrol

  • Ensure you have your full patrol uniform including your cap.
  • Sunscreen is available in the trailer or you can bring your own.
  • Lunch is provided free of charge by the Cafe M (with thanks to Mal) to rostered patrolling members and subs only. It is not free for “voluntary” or “make-up” members. Your patrol captain can arrange the order.
  • Radios are there to be used. Captains should monitor channels 2 and 3. All non-emergency patrol communications (eg. roving) should be on channel 2. Take a radio whenever you leave the patrol.
  • Stay well hydrated. Drink plenty of water.
  • Training for surf sports is not allowed when on patrol. Plan ahead and discuss your patrol commitments with your coach.
  • Please look after our club equipment and don’t drag the boards.
  • Remember the patrol captain is in charge, so make sure you introduce yourself if you are joining a different team for the day. Also let them know if you need to leave the patrol – they need to know where you are so they can call on you at any time.

Finding a sub

Remember it is your responsibility to find a sub if you can’t attend a patrol. Start by asking people personally, then try using our OB Member Facebook page. If you still can’t find someone, contact your patrol captain for more help. The Manager of Rescue Services (Natalie Tucker) and Director of Lifesaving (Katie Dixon) can be contacted if all else fails, but please make an effort first.

Competition Requirements

If you are a competitor, it is important to be aware of all the competition requirements for patrols. Check out SLSC policy 5.4 for more info, and have a browse through our club regulations and constitution on the members page.